To provide Holistic Education and Nurture Every Learner’s Potential for Self-reliance


To be a Center of Quality Christ-Centered Education for Ethical Service to Humanity


Care, Competence, Excellence, Honesty, Innovation, Teamwork and Trust

Directors' Message

The Directors take this Opportunity
to Welcome you to Bicham School.

Bicham School is an academic institution that provides quality holistic Christian-based education. At Bicham School, we offer Competency Based Curriculum (CBC). Bicham School prides in identifying and nurturing learners talents for their future. Take a tour of the school to experience her goodness.
Bicham School is where you belong!

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Who We Are

Bicham School

At Bicham School we inspire each child to achieve his or her own individual excellence.

Our Motto: Quality Education for Life.

Competence Based Curriculum

Our Featured Curriculum

At Bicham School we give a very supportive environment where we make sure
that the kids can participate in the core curricular activities.

School Tour

Take a Tour of Our School

Take a tour in Bicham School and you will find the best private school for your child. The photos will take you to every places in this school.

Learning & Curricular Activities

Our Goal

Active Learning

We use an approach that actively engages students with the course material.

Co-curricular Activities

Pupils participate in the co-curricular activities including; Swimming, Sports, Athletics. We also offer Computer literacy, Art and Craft and Music Activities

School Transport

We do provide transport for the picking and dropping of pupils

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