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Who We Are

Bicham School

Bicham School opened its doors in the year 2020. In Bicham School, we prepare our learners holistically (physical, emotional, social and Physiological) to face their future.

Our Values
Care, Competence, Excellence, Honesty, Innovation, Teamwork and Trust.

  • You can Support Bicham School by Donating for the Following:

    • Needy Learners
    • Infrastructure
    • Co-Curriculum Activities
Bicham School
Our Learning Environment

At Bicham school we give a very supportive environment where we make sure that the learners can participate in the co-curricular activities. We provide transport for learners. We nurture our leaners holistically . We work very closely with the parents and also the Ministry of Education to make sure that our leaners get the best education they can have.

Bicham School
Why Choose Us?

Bicham School is where children grow, learn and develop critical thinking.
We offer:
- Quality Christian-centered Education.
- Competence Based Curriculum (CBC).
- Quality Education to learners.
- A safe place for learners.
- Condusive learning environment for learners.
- We provide Holistic Education to learners.
- We nurture every learner’s potential to become self-reliant.
- We facilitate the learners creativity to solve today and tomorrow’s challenges.
- We identify, develop and nurture learners' talents.

What We're All About

Our Motto

Quality Education for Life.


To provide Holistic Education and Nurture Every Learner’s Potential for Self-reliance


To be a Center of Quality Christ-Centered Education for Ethical Service to Humanity


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Our Brand

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